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Blanket Filter Media
Standard Tools and Equipment Co. Booth with Blanket Exhaust Filters Installed.


If you’re a high production shop, doing a lot of spraying, naturally, you’ll need to change the filter media in your booth often. Changing your filter media is an important maintenance for your booth…. but let’s be honest, it’s time consuming. Do you wish there was an easier way to change them? Meet the blanket filter….. it’s going to change your life. Never change numerous 20” x 20” exhaust filters again.

Order our filter media blanket by the 100’ roll and a set of quick clips to get started. Just cut the filter blanket to the size you need and clip into the quick clips at the top and bottom and you’re set to go!

The blanket filter media fits over your existing filter grids, so there is no structure changes you need to make to your booth.

Our dense heavy-duty two-stage 22g media is 50% heavier than the 15g counterpart. Manufactured from continuous strands of glass fibers with 2.5” loading area backed with 100% fiberglass scrim backing.

Compliant with current EPA standards as well as many local municipal regulations. The 22g fiberglass construction provides excellent removal efficiency at an affordable price.


Julie and John also had a little fun with the blanket filter. If you want to see an appearance from Filterman installing the blanket filter, click here.
More filter media is available on our web site at:

Outfit your booth with LED lights … what a bright idea!



Standard Tools now offers you the option to upgrade your new booth, or outfit your current paint booth, with better lighting. We know you’ll see brilliant results.

Upgrade to LED flat panel lights and get 50,000 hours of life! Plus, you may even be eligible for a rebate from your power company for upgrading to energy-efficient lighting*! (For example, in NC and SC, Duke Power offers a $80/per fixture energy incentive for switching to LEDs! That’s $960 for the 12-light booth model shown below!)

Now That's a Bright Idea - Upgradte your booth with LED flat-panel lights!

LED Booth 12

Booth shown is our Semi-Downdraft Paint Booth with the 12 LED Flat Panel Bundle. It is also shown with our blanket exhaust filter, installed with quick clips. Add these to your order today. * Please check with your local power supplier for available rebates. * Continue reading Outfit your booth with LED lights … what a bright idea!


Technology has changed how consumers make buying decisions. With social media, Google, and sites like yelp, it is too easy to go online and read what other customers opinions and experiences are. I don’t book a hotel until I check out the customer reviews (and photos) on Trip Advisor or try a new restaurant before seeing what others have to say. It’s extremely helpful to know if a certain restaurant has long wait times or doesn’t accept credit cards. Online reviews can hurt a small business too…. who knows if the two bad customer reviews are the minority and not the case most of the time?

There are people out there that are paid to write glowing reviews for companies or bad customer reviews for competitors. It’s also important to know when to take reviews with a grain of salt. How do you know which to trust? The reality is that people are generally more inclined to write reviews when they are extremely upset. How often have you had a good experience and then took the time to go and write about it for other customers to see? However, when a company does you wrong, or screwed up (like all companies do from time to time), or you just had a bad experience…. the first thing you want to do is let everyone know. Continue reading CUSTOMER REVIEWS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE SKEPTICAL

Putting a Face with the Voice: The Sales and Customer Service Team

As you walk into the Standard Tools and Equipment corporate offices, the entire front hallway is made up of our customer service, sales team and marketing team. It’s a loud and bustling hallway, answering phones and having some fun along the way.

When you call in and talk to our sales and customer service team, have you ever wondered what the voice on the other end of the phone looks like? Our sales and customer service team is made up of some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to know and work beside. We wanted to show you a peak inside our sales center…. it’s a fun place to be. Come see us sometime!

The Sales team


From Left to Right:

Julie Surprenant: Paint booth rock star. Loves to talk to customers from her home state of Rhode Island or fans of her beloved Red Sox. Her office is covered in Red Sox gear and her son’s beautiful artwork. You can tell from talking to her that she’s not “from around these parts”…. and we love that about her.Julie's desk
Fabiola Martinez: Tools USA and Eagle sales and customer service. Makes the most amazing empanadas that everyone in the office can’t get enough of. Seriously, we beg…. it’s sad and pathetic, but they’re that good. She also covers our Spanish sales line.

Wayne Piner: Eagle Sales, Parts and Customer Service. Loves coaching in his spare time and has mastered the art of working with so many women (and acting like he doesn’t love every minute of it.)

Jennifer Patterson: Sales. Specializing in paint booth sales and customer service. The newest member of our team, Jennifer has a gazillion post-it notes at her workspace. She loves talking to people, and you will enjoy her very southern accent! (She may also slip a ‘sweetie’ or a ‘Hun’ in there).

Jennifer at her desk
Bill Daliege: Problem solver. Parts orderer. Manual writer. Detail fixer. Has been with us 10 years and is familiar with the “vintage Eagle machines”. He loves to help you out …. just don’t touch his hat.

Sales posing
Michelle Duncan:
Michelle is the team’s cheerleader and coach. You’ll often find her dancing in the hallways, bringing in food for someone’s birthday or helping to solve a customer’s issue.


Gina Gilchrist: Gina is the smiling face you see if you come to see us. She always has candy in her drawer and gum in her pocket, so she’s a good friend to have. She’s been with us for 10 years and can assist in solving almost any issue!

Angie Brown:  She is the team’s fashionista and camera lover, and the camera loves her back!  She is the most cheerful and happy person on the team, and her awesome attitude is surely contagious. If you check inside her desk, you would see that she likes Lysol wipes and multiple packets of ranch … she also always has enough sugar to get her through the day.

Angie's snack stash

Not Pictured: Rosy Gonzalez: Our rock star sales and customer rep, based in Texas!


When looking to buy a paint booth, there are a lot of factors to consider. It may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! Here’s our top ten things to consider when buying a paint booth. Considering these things will help you to determine what booth is right for you and will save you a lot of money and heartache by considering them BEFORE you buy your booth.

1. What are the dimensions of the building? We need to know the dimensions of the space you plan to put the paint booth. How tall are the ceilings?

2. What type of booth you are interested in? We have different styles of paint booths. From open-faced booths to large and enclosed truck booths. We have different air flow styles as well, from cross flow and side-down draft or semi-down draft or down draft … if you have a type or style you’re looking for, be sure to let us know. If you don’t know what type or airflow style would work best for you, no problem… our sales folks can help you determine the best booth to meet your painting needs.

3. What phase and/or voltage run through your building? We need to know the kind of power you have so we can make sure that your paint booth and/or your air makeup unit is designed to work in conjunction with it. Did you know that the majority of the time you can contact your power company and they can give you this information if you are unsure?

Packaged booth additions4. Do you need ductwork? Do you know how much ductwork will you need? One of the reasons we need to know the height of your building is because we need to determine how much ductwork is needed from the top of your paint booth straight out of the roof, plus some! In most states it is required that there is 6’ of ductwork exhausting up from the roof.

5. Are you adding heat to your booth? There are several benefits to decide on a heated paint booth. Heat makes it a more comfortable environment in the winter, but that is not why the majority of our customers decide to add heat. Sometimes, there isn’t enough airflow in the business to provide for the booth. (Click here to see if that applies to you). When you have a Sure-Cure AMU, you are able to significantly increase your production. You are able to paint, cure and cool in less than an hour, making your new booth the hardest working part of your business!

6. Have you contacted your city to find out what is required in your city or in your state? It’s important that you know before you order your booth what is required from your city or in your state. Find out what permits you will need and if there are special requirements, like and ETL-listed booth that you have to comply with. For example, if you have to have an ETL-listed booth, but you order a non-ETL booth, you will either have to order a new booth (that we offer already with ETL) or you will have to pay big bucks to have someone come and certify it. To be absolutely safe, you can always request that a fire marshal come and do a walk-through to advise you what you need to consider prior to ordering your booth.

7. Does your state require you to have fire suppression? It is extremely important to know the answer to this question so you can properly plan. Call your local authorities and get informed. We offer Fire Suppression systems from PyroChem or you may be able to provide a sprinkler system.

STE_SD1000WC8. Do you want your booth powered-coated booth? Not only will your booth be a lot brighter, but it will also stand out and have a professional look to it. See how our booths are powder-coated.

9. Get everything you need in one quick swoop. We offer light bulbs for all of the booth’s light fixtures, as well as the electrical wiring kits that your electrician will need to wire your booth. Get everything ordered and shipped to you to setup and start using your booth. Easily add a supply of intake or exhaust filters to your order so that when they need to be changed, you have them on hand.

10. What other features can I add to my booth? Is there something you want on your paint booth like drive-thru doors, a connected mixing booth or extra lights? One thing that Standard Tools and Equipment does well is our ability to produce custom paint booths. Our engineers can design a booth to fit your needs. If you want your booth taller, wider or brighter… just let us have the opportunity to design your booth for you.

Paint Booths to Fit Your Passion

Written by: Jennifer Patterson, Paint Booth Sales

When I first started working in this industry I was under the impression that I would mostly be working with garages and car guys who work primarily on painting vehicles for restoration or repairs. The more time I am here the more my eyes are opened to so much more. Who knew paint booths weren’t just for painting cars? Being an art major in college, I have worked on many mediums and actually used a booth a few times! I am starting to settle in here at Standard Tools and am speaking with people all over the country who are interested in our booths, from the Cross Flow to the Semi Downdraft and our Open Faced Booths.

CF-500 The Cross Flow Paint Booth (CF-1000) is a very popular booth for vehicle painting and is very affordable. It is a simple booth that draws fresh air through the filters in the drive through doors and exhausts out the back of the booth. Here are some of the specs for this booth:

  • 14′ W x 9′ H x 26’6″ L interior dimensions
  • 14’3″ W x 9’1-1/2″ H x 26’9″ L exterior dimensions
  • 10′ W x 9′ H entrance doors
  • 34″ tube axial fan with 3-phase – 3 hp motor – 13,965 CFM
  • Air tight 18 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • 10-48″ 4 tube fluorescent light fixtures with clear tempered glass
  • Draft gauge
  • Personnel door with clear tempered glass
  • Intake/exhaust filters/filter grids – 20″ x 20″
  • All hardware, fasteners, sealants
  • Assembles in 2-3 days



Our most popular booth is the Semi Downdraft Booth (the SD-1000). This booth pulls the fresh air from the upper level of this booth and then out the back. The great thing about this booth is it is so diverse you can put drive through doors on this booth to make the work easier. You can also attach an AMU (air makeup unit). Adding a heating unit speeds up the curing time on the paint so you can produce twice the results in ½ the time. Plus …. When winter arrives, wouldn’t you want a heated unit verse a chilly one? Some of the specs on this booth:

  • 14′ W x 9′ H x 26′ 1/2″ L – interior dimensions
  • 14′ 3″ W x 11′ 1 1/2″ H x 26′ 9 1/2″ L – exterior dimensions
  • 34″ fan and 3 phase-3hp motor with belts, pulleys and sheave @ 13,965 CFM
  • 10′ W x 9′ H entrance doors
  • Double filtered air intake for cleaner spraying environment
  • Front doors with clear tempered glass
  • 2 light fixtures in rear of booth
  • All 18 gauge galvanized steel construction panels
  • All hardware, fasteners and sealants
  • Pre-filter, ceiling and 20″ x 20″ exhaust filters
  • 10 – 48″ 4-tube light fixtures w/clear tempered glass
  • 1 personnel door with clear tempered glass
  • Draft gauge
  • Assembly instructions/permit package

OFB-12-500I have also spoken with several customers interested in our open-faced paint booths (OFB), commonly used for refinishing furniture. Our booths are very popular for the furniture restoration business as well as the manufacturing industry…. and even art! The air on these booths is drawn in through the open front and exhausted through the back wall. These booths are smaller, affordable and practical. They are designed in several different sizes, based on your needs.

Some specs on our open-faced booths:

  • UL listed tube axial fan and **3 phase motor with belts, pulleys & sheave
  • All 18 gauge galvanized steel construction panels
  • 48″ 4-tube fluorescent light fixtures w/clear tempered glass in ceiling
  • 20″ x 20″ fiberglass exhaust filters
  • Draft gauge
  • All hardware, fasteners, sealants
  • Assembly instructions/permit package
  • UL approved components
  • Filters Supplied: 20
  • Fan Size: 24″
  • 3-Phase motor
  • CFM: 7,800


No matter what your passion is … whether it’s for car restoration, furniture refinishing and yes, even art …. we want to help you have the right booth for you! Give me a call and I would love to help you discover what type of booth would be perfect for you!

Please Don’t Crate My Paint Booth.

When you order a paint booth from Standard Tools and Equipment, it’s important that the booth gets to you in great condition. With our booths being shipped, using a third-party provider, it can be transferred from terminal to terminal until it reaches your door. Once it’s out of our hands, it’s hard to know what can happen along the way. This is why we take extra measures to ensure your booth gets to you safely and in great condition.

The most important step in preparing a booth for shipment is to create a crate for it to ship in. Have you ever stopped to think what can happen if your products are shipped without protection? Crating helps pieces remain together and provides protection from damage. It protects small parts from being misplaced and/or glass from breaking while in transit.Packed Paint Booth parts in a shipping crate

Loading our crates is a specialty that our loaders have down pat. Like a puzzle, they load them in tight to prevent shifting. Crating is vital in this industry and any company that will ship your booth to you un-packaged is risking your booth’s quality. Crating should not be an option, and at Standard Tools… we hope you understand why it’s not an option, it’s the only way we’ll ship your paint booth to you.

When you order a powder-coated paint booth, we actually wrap each individual panel to protect it’s finish from scrapes and scratches.

So, now you know, when you see that “crating” charge on your quote… it’s to ensure that your booth arrives undamaged. If it’s damaged in transit…. make sure that you let us know as soon as possible so we can walk you through the process of filing a claim with the shipping company. (888-312-7488).


Here are some photos of a booth that is not crated and the damage it causes. This is why it’s not optional, and shouldn’t be optional from any manufacturer.

Spanish Translation Blog: ¿Por qué son necesarios los filtros de escape?

Uno de los principales propósitos de una cabina de rociado es capturar el exceso de rociado. No quera que escape encima de su edificio. Tus compañeros no quieren que se deposite en sus vehículos en el estacionamiento. Sus vecinos no lo desean en su propiedad. El gobierno no ve favorable que en el rociado entre a la atmósfera, plantas, suelo o agua.

¿Por qué pintar en una cabina sin filtros? Quizás los filtros tienen demasiado exceso de rociado y esperas el reemplazo de filtros. Tal vez le pidieron al pintor que pintara algo mientras se estaba limpiando la cabina. Tal vez el pintor decidió continuar en una cabina de rociadura cuando sabía que los filtros no estaban equipados adecuadamente sobre los orificios del filtro. Estas son las decisiones a corto plazo que conducen a problemas a largo plazo.

¿Por qué nunca debería usted pintar en una cabina de pintura sin filtros? Mira estas fotos que muestran acumulación de sobre-pulverización excesiva en el ventilador, conductos de escape y en un pleno de escape después de diez años de uso limitado. Esto fue sólo una cabina de retoque, no una cabina a nivel de producción, pero el exceso de rociado fue 1.5″ de espesor en algunas zonas. Los peligros de la utilización de una cabina sin filtros es que va a arruinar tu ventilador, motor, conductos,… pero lo más importante, la pintura vieja es apenas tan inflamable como pintura nueva. Pintura vieja dentro de una carcasa del ventilador o red de conductos reduce drásticamente el flujo de aire y la seguridad de la cabina. Permitiendo que el rociado se acumule baja el nivel de las prácticas generales de seguridad. Permitir que se acumule tanto el rociado significa que las tareas de limpieza sean monumentales y es menos probables ser terminado.

La mejor respuesta es rutinariamente vigilar el pleno del escape, filtros, ventilador y ducto de escape. Cambie los filtros según sea necesario.

Mantener filtros frescos es fácil. Tenemos cajas disponibles y el envío gratis.

Visite nuestro sitio web para la compra de filtros para su stand actual.


Picture 109 Picture 106 Picture 104

Meet Our Sales + Customer Service Team

Our Sales team B&WEver wonder what the people on the other end of the phone look like? This is our Sales team:

Wayne Piner, sales and parts specialist
Julie Surprenant, paint booth pro
Gina Gilchrist (on forklift), dedicated to great customer care
Michelle Duncan, Inspiring coach & cheerleader for the team (clipboard and pom-poms not pictured)
Angela Brown, committed to exceptional customer service
Fabiola Martinez, energetic sales and customer service professional, Español sales
Bill Daliege, sales rebel and equipment detail expert

Not Pictured: Rosy Gonzalez, Sales rock star and español sales

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