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Paint Booth Quotes

Q. How can I get a quote on a Spray Booth?

A. Standard booth pricing is available on our Web site. To receive a quick quote, call or email us at sales@paint-booths.com. Some options that can be added to your quote include ETL listed booths, air make up units, fire suppression systems, exhaust ductwork, white powder coat finish, height and length extensions.

Q. What if I need some modifications to a standard spray paint booth?

A. We manufacture our booths and can customize any spray booth to fit your requirements. Over 50% of the spray paint booths we sell have a level of customization, and with our manufacturing experience and volume, we are able to offer customization at reasonable pricing.

Q. What are the differences between the types of paint booths?

A. The differences are primarily in the airflow as well as the size of the paint booth. We offer quality paint booths for all industrial coating and spray application including: auto body shop paint booths, motorcycle paint booths, truck paint booths, industrial paint booths, and furniture or woodworking spray booths.

Q. Why is NOW a good time to purchase a spray booth?

A. Paint booths are made of steel and steel prices continue to rise. Additionally, your paint booth must go through the permitting process and inspectors are more available now given lower construction activity.

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Manufacturing & Customization

Q. Who manufactures your paint booths?

A. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. has been manufacturing our paint booths at our plant in Greensboro, NC since 1997. Our expert team builds thousands of high quality paint booths each year.

Q. Can you customize my paint booth?

A. Absolutely! We can add extra height & length, extra lighting, inside access lights, white powder coat, bi-fold or tri-fold spray booth doors, drive-thru doors, rear exhaust, air make-up unit, and HEPA filters. More detailed descriptions are available on each of the above options. Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about Powder Coating your Paint Booth.

Q. How long does it take for delivery of my paint booth after I place my order?

A. Stock paint booths ship the next day and custom paint booths in 3-5 days or less. Your spray booth will be delivered to you in 10 days or less, in most cases.

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Order, Options and Requirements

Q. Do you sell ETL listed paint booths?

A. Yes, many of our standard paint booths are available as ETL approved and listed, and are noted on our Web site. Some areas require ETL listed paint booths and we offer competitively priced ETL listed paint booths.

Q. Do your paint booths meet "code"?

A. Our paint booths are manufactured and designed for code approval. Our models are manufactured from materials that comply with the National Board of Fire Underwriters, as recommended by the 2011 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 33) requirements. Additional requirements may include automatically actuated 'flags' that initiate the fire suppression system in case of fire, having an audible alarm system, performing emergency shutdowns, buying the booth from a certified manufacturer, installation by licensed contractor and having the booth inspected.

Our spray booths are also built to comply with OSHA guidelines. We recommend checking with your local authorities (fire marshal) as to any local electrical or fire code requirements. Our electrical components are UL-listed .

For more information on paint booth codes and regulations & spray booth fire protection standards, visit our blog.

Q. Do I need a fire suppression system?

A. The requirements vary by location. We sell fire suppression systems at competitive prices. These optional systems may be included in your financing or leasing, if needed.

Q. How much airflow does my paint booth require?

A. OSHA and NFPA have minimum airflow requirements in order to lower the concentration of flammable materials. More current codes require four air exchanges per minute for wet or solvent-based paints. Our paint booths are designed with four air exchanges. When purchasing your paint booth, be sure the size of the booth will allow for adequate airflow. For more information visit our paint booth blog post "How much airflow does my paint booth require?".

Q. What is not included in your paint booths?

A. Fluorescent light bulbs are not included because they are prone to breakage in shipping. Exhaust ductwork is only available as an add-on component. Because wiring codes vary widely, we do not include electrical wiring kits (starter, switches, conduit, etc.) with our paint booths. It is more cost effective for our customers to have a licensed electrician provide the necessary components.

STCF-1000-50 Truck Cross Flow Paint BoothQ. What is paint booth ground-level ozone?

A. Ground-level ozone refers to the environmental impact caused by the paint booth process. Each state's requirements vary. You can review your state by searching online for "spray booth + ozone + (your state)".

Ozone emissions are reduced by:

    - selecting paints/solvents with a low volatile organic compound
    - mixing as little paint as required for the job
    - keeping the paint storage clean
    - changing paint booth exhaust filters
    - eliminating used rags & paint cans
    - ensuring proper maintenance of your paint booth
    - adequately training employees.

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Shipping, Warranty and Returns

Q. How will we unload the shipping crate containing the paint booth?

A. We utilize commercial freight carriers to ship your paint booth. You will need a rollback truck or a forklift with a dock for unloading.

Q. What is covered by warranty?

Warranties Returns and Replacements

Standard Tools and Equipment (STE, Tools USA) warrants all products that appear on its websites or in its catalogs against defects in material and workmanship as follows.

Products Manufactured by STE
Subject to the warranty exclusions below, STE provides a limited warranty for all products sold by STE that were manufactured by STE against defects in material and workmanship.For this warranty to apply, any defect in an item manufactured by STE must be reported to STE within one (1) year of the shipping date. Furthermore, this warranty is void unless it can be determined that the booth, air makeup unit, part, or other product manufactured by STE was installed and used according to STE’s guidelines. This warranty is also void if any modifications have been made to STE’s product, including, without limitation, any modifications to air flow, or if any use has been made of STE’s product other than those uses advised by STE. This warranty does not cover errors or other claims in connection with installation. Installation of products manufactured by STE is performed by third-party installers and any claims or issues related to installation must be addressed with the installer. This warranty is for parts and pieces only and does not extend to labor, installation, loss of product use, loss of business revenue and profits, or any other cost or loss.

Products Manufactured by Third Parties
Subject to the warranty exclusions below, STE warrants all products sold by STE that were manufactured by other manufacturers against defects in material and workmanship to the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty does not cover errors or other claims in connection with installation. Installation of products sold by STE that were manufactured by other manufacturers is performed by third-party installers and any claims or issues related to installation must be addressed with the installer. This warranty is for parts and pieces only and does not extend to labor, installation, loss of product use, loss of business revenue and profits, or any other cost or loss.

Warranty Exclusions for All Products
These warranty obligations do not include: (i) reasonable wear and tear; (ii) normal corrosion; (iii) use of unapproved parts or unproved alterations to components; (iv) defects caused by persons other than the manufacturer of the product, including, without limitation, installers or anyone else in connection with third-party repairs and maintenance; or (v) vandalism, misuse or Force Majeure Events. The customer shall provide STE photos, videos, and other proof of warranty claim and afford STE reasonable access to assess the product should it be requested.

No Implied Warranties
The above express warranties are in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability and of fitness for any particular purpose. STE shall not be liable for damages, including special, incidental, or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the performance or use of any product by the customer. STE’s liability is limited exclusively to the replacement of the defective part.
In the event that you suspect you have a defective part or product, please contact our customer care department immediately by calling 888-312-7488 or by emailing webmaster@standardtool.com.  Please include photos and video of the defective equipment for your claim.

If we believe that you have received a defective part, STE will provide you with a return authorization (“RA”) number and schedule a time to have your equipment picked up. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the equipment for return shipment in sufficient packaging to prevent damage during return. Please note the STE RA number on the packaging.

Upon receiving and inspecting the defective part and confirming warranty coverage, STE will provide a replacement part, free of charge, to the customer. If the customer wishes to have the warranty replacement shipped to them prior to the return of the defective product, the customer must pay for the replacement product at shipping. STE will issue the customer a refund upon receiving the defective product and confirming warranty coverage.

In the event the part is determined to not be defective, it will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 20% and the return freight. Credit for warranty returns to third-party vendors will be subject to their return policy.

Contact our customer care department for specific warranty details on products and models.

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Installation of the Paint Booth

Q. Explain paint booth exhaust/duct work requirements.

A. An optional exhaust/ductwork system is recommended to exhaust fumes outside your building. This is optional with the purchase of our paint booth. Our exhaust/duct work packages provide straight ducting (no elbows), roof mounting and a weather head.

Q. Can your paint booth be used outside?

A. No. Our paint booths are manufactured for an enclosed area away from the weather.

Q. How will I assemble and install my paint booth?

A. Each paint booth comes with assembly instructions and labeled panels for easy assembly and installation. Self-installation typically takes two days. You will need a licensed electrician to wire and connect your power source. Alternatively, we can recommend a professional installer in your area upon request.

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