Payment and Lease Financing Information

We know that a paint booth is an important piece of equipment that is fundamental to the successful operation of your business. It’s a piece of capital equipment that is important to invest in so you can have a reliable piece of equipment for many years to come. This kind of investment sometimes isn’t easy. Sometimes a small shop struggles with affording a compliant spray booth. Not-to-mention the large industrial paint booths that climb upwards of $100,000 or more.

Here’s how you can afford your new paint booth system:

  1. Financing the purchase is a great option if you want to break up the purchase into monthly payments. You can start the approval process by filling out your application with First Pacific Funding. Don Marchant will help you get the funding for the paint booth you need.
  2. Credit Cards are a good option for large purchases. Especially if you have a card that offers benefits such as cash back or frequent flyer miles.
  3. Contact your bank and see if they offer equipment loans for capital purchases.
  4. PayPal Credit also offers financing credit options for purchases over $99.

As always, we’re here if we can be of assistance. Please give us a call at 1.888.312.7488.

We accept payment by credit card, direct bank wire, ACH and check. Checks do require a 5-day holding period.