Roll-Up Paint Booth Door

Roll-Up Paint Booth Door

SKU: W-161 Click Here for Specifications & Optional Features

Roll-Up Paint Booth Door

SKU: W-161 Click Here for Specifications & Optional Features

Shipping Weight: 2000.00 pounds

Product Description

Upgrade your paint booth with a fabric roll-up door that is easy to use while allowing you to maximize your shop’s floor space. It’s unique, patented curtain-sealing system creates an airtight environment for your paint booth with excellent environmental and thermal separation. How does it seal? As the system closes, three layers of fabric roll into place within the interior of its protective tracks, creating continuous vertical seals along the interior and exterior of the doorway. This series of automatic and redundant seals provides an air space between the layers of fabric, maintaining heat control and environmental separation. This results in better heat management and environmental control for superior paint curing and better finished products. Read more about the roll-up door upgrade on our blog.

Roll-up fabric door with two viewing windows and a manual chain hoist operator.

  • Door width: 120 Inches
  • Door height: 108 Inches
  • Designed to sustain temperatures up to 199 degrees.
  • Drive type: Chain
  • Voltage: Manual Door
  • Hertz: Manual Door
  • Phase: Manual Door
  • Egress Strap: No
  • Sealing Flap: Yes
  • Window: 2 Large Windows
  • Front Panel: Anti-Static
  • Center Panel: Anti-Static
  • Back Panel: Anti-Static

Efficient, Intelligent + Safe

  • Superior seal eliminates debris and losses from air infiltration
  • Provides the ability to isolate operations (sanding, blasting from wash and from paint)
  • Maximize space, increase workflow, and improve energy efficiency
  • Available in aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel. Comes in galvanized metal unless otherwise stated. Can be powder-coated to match your booth.
  • Compact design reduces operational footprint
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications with an easy 3-Step Installation
  • Doors are built in compliance with NFPA and ETL standards. Our technologies easily meet the standards for ETL and NFPA compliance set for Industrial Paint and Finishing applications.
  • Simple & lightweight design allows door to be safe and maintenance friendly
  • Low cost of ownership -- no scheduled maintenance
  • No counter balance springs or weights, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance
  • Doors are impact resistant and rarely out of commission
  • No more replacing rollers, tracks, panels, hinges, or realignment
  • These doors can be retrofitted to your existing paint booth of almost any size * Custom quote required.
  • Premium Anti-Static Fabric

  • Woven Polypropylene Scrim with
  • Static Dissipative Yarn
  • Coating = 2mil
  • Weight = 9.3oz
  • Cold Crack Rating = -30°F
  • Min/Max Ambient Operating
  • Temp = -10° F- 200°F
  • FMI (Flame Spread Index) = 15, Class 1 or A (ASTM E 84)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year or 100,000 cycles, whichever occurs first, from the date of purchase if installed and used in strict accordance with the installation instructions.

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