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NEW! Heated Full Downdraft Booth.

We have designed a heated downdraft full-sized paint booth. The downdraft paint booth supplies filtered air to the booth through the full-filtered ceiling, and exhaust the chemical-containing air through filters below the grating on the floor. The air is directed downward, and the paint vapors and overspray are carried downward. So, the toxins do not pass by the painter’s breathing zone. This design is built for a pitted exhaust system. Although we provide the grating and the floor filters, we do not include the installation of the actual pit.

Since this booth is heated, the intake air is passes over the Sure-Cure direct-fired air make up unit (AMU) before it is pushed down through a full-plenum filtered ceiling.

Booth Shown: DD-1000GH, with Powder-Coating finish, LED Flat Panel Lights, Floor covering.

We provide the booth, the Sure-Cure air makeup unit, the floor grates and filters for your downdraft paint booth. We are the manufacturer and can customize your booth to fit your needs. So, if you want to add lights, have double drive-thru doors or make your booth taller, just give us a call for a custom-designed booth.

The basics about this booth:

  • 14′ W x 9′ H x 22′ 9″ L – interior dimensions
  • 18’11” W x 11’1 1/2″ H x 23′ L – exterior dimensions
  • 10′ W x 9′ H entrance doors
  • 30” tube axial fan for 15,000 CFM of exhaust
  • TEKS Screw construction for easy assembly
  • Air tight 18-gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Clear tempered glass in entrance and personnel doors
  • (10) 48″ 4-tube fluorescent light fixtures (bulbs are separate)
  • Intake filter grids – 20″ x 20″
  • Center Pit exhaust 20’ x 4’
  • All hardware, fasteners, sealants
  • Draft gauge
  • UL approved components
  • Sure-Cure 14k CFM Air Makeup Unit – 1.2mil BTU

Optional features for this booth:

  • Exhaust Duct Work
  • Single-phase motor
  • Case of florescent bulbs
  • LED Flat panel Lighting
  • White Powder-Coated finish, both inside and out
  • Drive-through doors
  • Additional lights
  • Additional height or length


Some of the features of the Sure-Cure AMU that comes with this booth:

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an electronic motor starter that controls the speed of the exhaust fan with the turn of a knob. You have more accurate control over the airflow inside the booth.

Control the Cure: Whether you are painting with bases, clears, solvent-based or waterborne, you control the temperature for the cure cycle.

Multi-Service Disconnect

Flame Failure Remote Reset

Loss of Burner or Flame Reset

Loss of Thermostat Connection

Loss of Power to Temperature Controller or Flame Controller

Auto Shut-off: At the end of the Curing and cooling cycles, our unit will shut off completely. This allows you to be able to focus on other things, take a break or go home, knowing that your unit is safe and will turn off when it is complete.

STE_AMU-Full-CornerAMU Stats you need to know:

  • 10,000 cfm – 14,000 cfm
  • Available for liquid propane or natural gas
  • 1.2 million BTUs
  • All controls and major components are UL and/or CSA listed
  • ETL listed / cETL Certified
  • Remote control panel for booth pressure, temperature, time and booth lights
  • Quiet (65 dB) 10-hp AMU fan
  • 80-F temperature rise in 30-seconds! (100-F cure temperature rise to 160-F)
  • State-of-the-art burner and controls

    As always, it’s important to do your research before buying your booth. Have you thought about these Top 10 Things?

10 thoughts on “NEW! Heated Full Downdraft Booth.”

    1. building a new shop in sept. 2018 will need a new booth. We are looking at full down draft with drive thru doors and heat. Booth will also require fire suppresion. We are located in sask canada.Do you sell to canada and do you have customers for revues. Thanks Kelly

      1. Kelly,

        Sorry for the delay… yes, we sell into Canada. We have been building booths for over 20 years and have over 20,000 booths in the field. We have plenty of customer’s who we can send you to for a review. We are the manufacturer of both the booth and the air makeup unit, hand-built right here in NC. We would love to provide anything you need… just give us a call at 888-312-7488.

  1. Looking to purchase a new down draft baking booth. Would like it a bit longer then these measurements and possibly more lighting. Looking for price availability, with install and references.

    1. Hi Mike. Thanks for reaching out. Our sales team would be happy to work with you and with our engineers to design whatever kind of booth you need, that’s what we do. We do not install the booth as many of our customers like to install their own booth and save a lot of money, but we could recommend contract installers in your area. They are very easy to install. Give our team a call in the morning at 888-312-7488 and we can get a custom drawing started for you.

  2. Hi there,
    we are looking at purchasing a full down draft booth in the next coming year, who do I need to contact to get a quote? also is there an ability to have the height extended or are these the final measurements? do you provide booths with fire suppression as well or only the booth itself?

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