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Introducing the Sure-Cure Air Makeup Unit from Standard Tools and Equipment Co.

We have always been the innovative type; it’s kind of a given if you’re in the manufacturing business. In today’s market, businesses must adapt and change to endure. Through Standard Tools and Equipment Co, Tools USA (since 1979) and Eagle Equipment (since 1953), have continued to grow and expand, remaining a leader in the industry.

Have you ever found a product and it was so genius and so simple, you thought to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

We find that our most successful endeavors come from looking around the industry that we know best and noticing that we can create something better than anyone else out there. For us, that’s exactly how Standard Tools and Equipment began making paint booths in 1997. We noticed a need, we heard customer after customer asking and we had all the right elements to make a better booth ourselves. Since then, we have become an industry leader in paint booth systems. We use our knowledge and experience to develop unsurpassed products for our customers.

The Sure-Cure Air Makeup Unit, STE-AMUWe are proud to introduce you to our latest successful adventure, the Sure-Cure® Air Makeup Unit.

We started developing plans for our own air makeup unit in 2011. This plan came from a couple apparent needs:

  1. There was a great need in the market for a safe and reliable unit that had all the bells and whistles included in the marketed price.
  2. Customers were fed up with the lengthy wait times that were currently associated with Air Makeup Units. They didn’t understand how we could design, customize, build and ship a paint booth in less than 10 days but they had to wait months, for their air makeup unit. We didn’t understand it either.
  3. We researched and decided that we could make them ourselves. We would do it better, safer and quicker. After all, we are a leading paint booth manufacturer and we know what it takes to heat a booth properly. It only made sense to build them ourselves.

We have the leaders in the industry working for us. Once we decided that we were going to develop a state-of-the-art air makeup unit, we found the smartest, most knowledgeable professionals in the industry and brought them on staff to use their experience to develop the best air makeup unit on the market. We quickly got to work!  Along the way, we used good ole’ common sense to incorporate the safest features we could so that you could have a unit that works hard for your business in the safest way possible.

Yes, we’re listed! Once it was established, the prototype underwent rigorous testing from Intertek to earn the ETL Listed mark. The ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance (electrical, gas and other safety standards) to North American safety standards.  Last month, we received the final paperwork and certification to market and sell the Sure-Cure® air makeup unit from Standard Tools and Equipment Co.

Get Yours This Month! Want yours for this winter? Because we can build and ship them fast, that won’t be a problem! 888-312-7488 for more information or to order yours!

Before you read on the see all the cool features, watch this short promotional video to see it in action, from all angles!


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an electronic motor starter that controls the speed of the exhaust fan with the turn of a knob. This allows control of booth pressure without the use of mechanical air dampers. You have more accurate control over the airflow inside the booth, and will minimize the energy needed to provide it.

Control the Cure: Whether you are painting with bases, clears, solvent-based or waterborne, you control the temperature for the cure cycle.

Multi-Service Disconnect: Many AMUs offer a disconnect that leaves the lighting circuits energized, so that the user can be easily shocked when they enter the main control panel. Our single-point disconnect turns everything, including the lighting circuits, to the off position so that you will not experience electrical shock while servicing your unit.

Flame Failure Remote Reset: If the burner fails to light under normal conditions, and sometimes they do, a red indicator light on the Sure-Cure® remote panel will display. With our remote reset feature, you no longer have to go to the main control panel to reset the flame. Simply push the red indicator button and the flame will reset. This feature comes standard with all of our units.

Loss of Burner or Flame Reset: When there is a mechanical failure or the heat selector is turned off, our unit is set to return to its lowest flame position.  This safety feature allows the system to be restarted under low-fire conditions, guarding against a restart with high-flame.

Loss of Thermostat Connection: If the connection to the thermostat is lost, the temperature controller returns to a low-fire position. With other units on the market, there is not a safeguard to prevent an uncontrolled high-flame that can only be stopped by manual reset.

Loss of Power to Temperature Controller or Flame Controller: If power is lost to the temperature controller, the burner automatically reverts to a low-flame condition. If power is lost to the flame controller, the burner is shut-off completely and the modulation valve reverts to the lowest position.

Auto Shut-off: At the end of the Curing and cooling cycles, our unit will shut off completely. This allows you to be able to focus on other things, take a break or go home, knowing that your unit is safe and will turn off when it is complete.


  • 10,000 cfm – 14,000 cfm
  • Available for liquid propane or natural gas
  • 1.2 million BTUs
  • All controls and major components are UL and/or CSA listed
  • ETL listed / cETL Certified
  • Remote control panel for booth pressure, temperature, time and booth lights
  • Quiet (65 dB) 10-hp AMU fan
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) adjusts booth exhaust fan
  • 80-F temperature rise in 30-seconds! (100-F cure temperature rise to 160-F)
  • State-of-the-art burner and controls

15 thoughts on “Introducing the Sure-Cure Air Makeup Unit from Standard Tools and Equipment Co.”

  1. 10-15-2013

    I am in the process of purchasing a new spray booth and was ready to have one Fabricated here in Connecticut!! Would you kindly send me more information so that we can prepare a footing for this unit along with specs for our LPG Tank footing and electrical specs for my Electrician? Also, can you recommend a Spray Booth that this unit will work in efficiently? I am a Woodworking Manufacturer and this will be used strictly for that purpose!

    Thank you and God Bless all of you! Have a wonderful week!


    Dante’ Louis Grassi
    President- Dante’, LLC

  2. Can you send me the pricing information for this new air make up unit , 10–14,000 CFM model. Do you make larger sizes?
    Configured for low-pressure yes for the city of Chicago. 220 V – three phase.
    You also need a new automotive style paint booth so we’ll get to that from your catalog bit later. Just give me the price on the air make up unit now.
    Can that air make up in a be configured to be mounted against the ceiling horizontally? Other words, do you have vertical and horizontal models? Bruce

  3. What is the cost on these units can you mail us information on cost as well as product information? Thank you.

  4. We have a 16′ wide by 34′ deep by 14′ high reverse flow spray booth that we may be in need of a heat air make up unit. Our booth has a 48″ diameter exhaust fan. Will this unit handle this size booth and can I get a price and availabilty?

  5. The main question we are having with this unit is “How in the world are you supposed to stand it up without damaging the frame on the bottom of the unit before you attach it to the base?” This is a heavy duty piece of equipment and is definately going to require a lift to assemble.

  6. Hi we are Chichester in the UK

    We have a seven meter by four meter very crude woodworking spray booth, we are currently looking to replace the system, our heating comes from our woodwork workshop which is not ideal the air is also drawn from the workshop which is far from ideal as it is very dusty.
    your product looks very interesting can you make any suggestions how you can help us .
    thank you

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