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Paint Booth Maintenance: How to Clean Your Booth

Is the inside of your paint booth dusty? Are you noticing blemishes in the paint caused by dirt and debris? If so, you might think that your booth is malfunctioning; after all, a booth is made to be a controlled environment and keep dirt out.

Seeing dust in your booth can be frustrating. It’s usually an indication that it’s been too long since it’s been cleaned. 

Fortunately, cleaning your booth is a simple task. By implementing a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, you can ensure the booth keeps producing flawless finishes in a safe and compliant environment. 

Why do you Need to Clean Your Paint Booth?

Paint booths are designed to keep dust and debris out to prevent impurities from marring the paint finish. However, even the best air filters eventually become clogged and need to be replaced. Additionally, it’s easy to accidentally bring dust and dirt particles into your booth when the doors are opened.

Your booth can last longer and perform better when it is cleaned regularly. It will also protect vital components of the booth, including the fan and motor. Taking a little time to clean up your booth can prevent imperfect finishes and lost man-hours.  

Step-by-Step Paint Booth Cleaning

Follow this guide to clean your booth from top to bottom:

  • Clean the air filters and replace them when necessary. How often they are replaced depends on how often the booth is used and how much buildup there is.
  • Sweep the floors daily with a broom. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner or shopvac unless you have one that’s approved for use in hazardous applications (spark hazard). 
  • Clean the booth’s floors and walls with a sponge mop (not cotton) and an appropriate solvent-based cleaning solution, or use a pressure washer.
  • Make sure all glass on lights and doors is cleaned and free of buildup. Keeping your lights cleaned will keep your booth well illuminated. We recommend using Clear View glass coating to protect booth lights and windows. 
  • Use a non-ferrous, non-sparking scraper to get overspray off the walls.
  • Clean overspray from paint guns and air hoses. Replace spray guns and hoses when necessary.

You can simplify the cleaning process by installing floor and wall coverings in your booth. We offer floor mats with a grippy texture that helps trap overspray and dirt particles. You can also keep the inside of your booth looking like new with our spray-on, peel-off White Out wall coating.

Preventative Maintenance and Good Habits Reduce Dust Buildup

A few proactive steps can prevent dust from gathering in your paint booth:

  • Keep the spray booth doors closed unless you’re moving objects in and out.
  • Turn the paint booth on and make sure it’s running properly before opening the doors to bring in an object to be finished.
  • Store paints, finishes, and other items in a safe place (not the paint booth).
  • Always use proper personal protective equipment (including a headcover) when painting.
  • Prep objects to be finished before bringing them into the booth.
  • Don’t sand objects in the booth (use a separate sanding booth).
  • Apply caulk and seals to all joints, corners, and doors.
  • Keep the area directly outside the booth clean.

It’s also crucial to follow a preventative maintenance routine for your paint booth:

  • Change the air filters according to the manufacturer’s guidelines or when they become saturated, whichever is sooner. 
  • Clean the AMU.
  • Check the exhaust fans for loose blades and frayed wiring.
  • Monitor the air quality inside the booth, and address any issues promptly.
  • Install a manometer to measure air pressure and determine when the air filters are full.

Dust isn’t the only thing that can affect paint booth operation. Moisture can also become trapped in the booth. When it condenses, it can mar a curing finish and damage paint guns and other tools. Refrigerant dryers can help reduce the moisture that builds up in the compressed air systems used in a paint booth.

Talk to an Expert About Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your paint booth in top shape for optimal performance. The steps for cleaning a paint booth are basically the same for all models, but it’s always good to check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific tips and guidelines. 

If you want more details on keeping your paint booth running smoothly, our expert team can help. We can also help you with upgrades and add-ons or even customize a booth to your specifications. Email us at or call 888-312-7488

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