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Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork

Buy paint booth exhaust systems direct from us, America's leading manufacturer of quality paint booths. We also provide an easy to use Duct Work Installation Manual.

Standard Tools and Equipment Co. has the exhaust kit to fit your paint booth. An exhaust duct kit is needed to carry the harmful paint booth fumes out of your building, as required by NFPA 33 guidelines. Fumes are exhausted straight up through the roof of your building with our exhaust stacks.

The diameter of the exhaust duct varies depending on the size of the exhaust fan provided with your spray booth.

Our exhaust duct kits will work with a standard 12’ ceiling height:

  •    Two - 4' long sections of duct (can order extra sections for taller ceilings)
  •    A butterfly style weather head (automatic protection against rain, snow and backdrafts for the exhaust system spray booth and operator)
  •    One Weather Head
  •    One ring
  •    One Curb Assembly (curb, storm collar, corners)

These kits can be used on flat roofs as well as pitched roofs, with slight modifications. The duct kit is made of 20-gage galvanized steel for excellent durability and ease of installation.

Constructed from galvanized steel and require some assembly.

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