Paint Booth Fire Suppression

There are some areas around the country that will require you to install some form of fire suppression in your spray booth in order to meet local and/or federal regulations. This can be fulfilled with sprinkler systems, if you already have them in your building, or with a dry suppression system. Fire suppression systems should be installed on site by a local licensed installer, after the booth is erected.

How do I order fire suppression for my booth? The best solution for paint booth fire suppression is to search your local area for fire suppression installers. They can give you a quote for parts and labor to install your paint booth’s fire suppression. Distributors of Tyco / Johnson Controls, Kidde Fire, or Amerex can assist you.

What does the system include? Systems vary based on the manufacturer. This would be a great question for your local installer. Most systems come with the necessary cylinders, control heads, nozzles, fusible links/detectors, pulleys/tees, wire rope and alarm bells based on the size booth purchased. Make sure to ask your installer to include everything in their quote, including local permits, electrical, piping and fittings.

What goes into pricing for a fire suppression system? The price for the system is based on the type and size of paint booth you have. How your booth is exhausted can be the biggest adjustment. If a stack goes straight up through the roof, that is the most common. If there are any turns in your ductwork, you will need additional equipment installed to properly protect that area.

We can help to provide resources or pricing on Fire Suppression Systems, depending on the area of the country you are in. Please call one of our sales specialist to get started.

As a leading American paint booth manufacturer, we are also able to provide you with a custom paint booth solution and have it delivered quickly.