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Saving Money: Consider a Fire Suppression System Before Buying a Paint Booth

We want you to know that you can save time & money by considering the purchase of a fire suppression system with the purchase of one of our stock booths!

When you build a house, it’s best to get a great contractor to ensure that during the building process, all permits and components are in-line with local regulations or you’ll end up with a beautiful house that you can’t live in.  Taking a “shortcut” may save you in the short run, but it will end up costing you more money and trouble. There are things in life, where it is easier and wiser to go ahead and do something right the first time, when you have the opportunity. It starts with doing your homework.

Before you call to order your booth, we strongly recommend that you check with your local authorities on what is needed to make it legal for use. Imagine all the time, effort and money you would waste if you bought a booth, had it installed and then learned you couldn’t use it! We wish we could let you know your local requirements, but they vary by city. To get the most accurate information, contact your local building inspector and/or fire marshal for this information.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression systems have become a necessity to several industries using paint booths and are often required to limit the damage and loss to equipment in the case of a fire by monitoring your booth 24-hours a day.

The system includes:

  • Dry Chemical cylinders
  • Control heads
  • Nozzles
  • Fusible links/detectors
  • Pulleys/tees
  • Wire rope and alarm bells based on the size booth purchased.

The standard installation cost does not include:

  • Chemical distribution pipe, conduit for electrical and detection, and miscellaneous parts needed to connect pipe or conduit (These materials vary depending upon the size and location of the installed booth).
  • Permitting costs
  • Electrical or alarm connections to the system for shut down and alarm purposes (this must be completed by a certified electrician or alarm company).
  • Remote locations may incur additional installation travel fees.
  • Final test fees for certification (when applicable).

We would be happy to provide you with your local installer contact information upon request.

2 thoughts on “Saving Money: Consider a Fire Suppression System Before Buying a Paint Booth”

  1. I am seeking a quote to have a paint booth installed.It is 54′ long,16′ wide, and 16′ high. It will be located at 43880 Commerce Avenue, Hollywood, Maryland 20636. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Paul, We would love to talk to you more about how we can provide for you the best booth system for your needs! Give us a call at your convenience at 888-312-7488 and we will get what we need to give you a quote.

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