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Paint Booth Control Panel Setup: FAQ’s

Where should I install this control panel?

A. Outside of the booth, at least 36” from the booth opening, and protected from any rain or excessive shop dust.

Can I install this panel myself?

A. Only a properly licensed electrician should install this control panel or do any electrical work on the spray booth.

Why doesn’t the fan turn off when I push the button to stop it? 

A. We have designed this control panel to turn off the spray equipment and operate the fan for three minutes after the fan button is pushed to fully exhaust fumes from the booth when the spraying operation is done.

Are any other controls needed with a spray booth?

A.Most electricians want a shut-off switch at the fan motor to verify that the power is shut-off during installation or servicing.

Why are the labels also in French? 

A. This control panel is certified by ETL to be complaint to UL-508A (US) and CSA 22.2 (Canada).  Certification to Canadian standards requires French labels since it is the main language of Quebec.

My power does not match the control panel specifications.  What next?

A. Stop and verify the power supply, the fan motor specifications and the control panel specifications.  The control panel and fan motor may be multi-voltage but will only be set up for single-phase or three-phase.  Contact Standard Tools customer service if these three items do match at 1-888-312-7488.

Is there a variable frequency drive (VFD) in the control panel?

A. No.  The spray booth or mixing room is designed to slightly exceed the minimum ventilation requirements.  Moving more air may be detrimental to the filtration system or spraying process.  Moving less air may prevent moving enough overspray and fumes form the booth thus create a fire or explosion hazard.


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