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Customizing Your Paint Booth

Ever wish you could have a manufacturer that would make you a product to fit your specific needs instead of trying to change your needs to fit their specific product? I wish this every time I go shopping for the perfect pair of jeans (“Just a little longer, a little tighter, a little looser….”)

Well, we can do that for you with your paint booth!

Need a paint booth but unsure what size or type of booth you need? Well, it really depends how you plan to use your paint booth, what will you be painting and how much space you have.

Let’s start with what you will be painting. Paint booths are used in both industrial and small-scale settings. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. manufactures a wide range of paint booths including large truck booths, automotive styles, woodworking spray booths, and motorcycle paint booths.

Cars, trucks, vans and airplanes are placed in a large paint booth, such as a truck or automotive paint booth, and sprayed with specialized paint. The truck booths are the largest of our standard booth line and are designed to be expanded to handle many large truck and equipment paint and coating needs. Automotive paint booths are for auto body shop spray applications.

Industrial paint booths are for all industrial coating and spray applications. Woodworking spray booths are for all furniture coatings and wood finishing spray applications. Our wood finishing spray booths excel in applying a final finish evenly and smoothly. Smaller paint booths, like the motorcycle paint booth, are used to spray all types of coatings on small items like sculptures or pool table balls.

Don’t see something in our stock booths that fit your specific needs? No problem, over 50% of the booths we make are customized to meet our customers’ needs. We can modify the size of a spray booth to meet any space constraints and move the project into production quickly.

Some of our more popular customization options include extra height or length, additional lighting, white powder coat finish, bi-fold or tri-fold spray booth doors, drive-thru doors, air make-up units and more.  As a leading American paint booth manufacturer, we are able to provide you with a custom paint booth solution and have it delivered quickly. Our engineers work hard to quickly design and create custom spray booths in a timely manner. We generally ship custom spray booth in 3-5 days or less so your spray booth can be delivered to you in 10 days or less (in most cases). Visit our site for more information on Custom Paint Booths.

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