Heated Air Makeup Units (AMU)

We use our knowledge and experience to develop unsurpassed products for our customers. The Sure-Cure air makeup units (AMU’s) from Standard Tools and Equipment are built with precision and constructed to order from our ETL-certified shop in Greensboro, NC. They are built to the users specific gas, power and configuration needs. They are fully-tested prior to being shipped out. Our units are popular because we are committed to a quick turnaround.

The ETL Listed Mark on every unit is proof of product compliance (electrical, gas and other safety standards) to North American safety standards. Our units are compatible with Standard Tools paint booths, as well as all other competitor booths, and can be used to replace older and less effective models. Loaded with safety and design features, the Sure-Cure Air Makeup Units are built with quality and unsurpassed excellence.

The AMUs provide gas-heated warm air inside your paint booth to speed curing time and replace the exhausted air. Booth exhaust systems use up large volumes of air from the space that it is installed. If this air is not replaced at the same rate that it is expelled, the booth, and the building, will experience negative pressure (the air pressure outside the building is greater than the air pressure inside the building). Units are also available unheated to provide makeup air to the shop space.

Indicators of negative pressure include the suction pressure that makes booth doors difficult to open, exhaust fans that don’t work properly, drafts around doors and windows that cause a poor paint job and poor indoor air quality. Pressure problems make it difficult to paint in a booth and achieve proper coating and curing. When you are able to control the booth pressure and temperature, you are able to effectively remove particulates from the air that can negatively affect the quality of your finish.

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