Paint Booth Exhaust Fans

Standard Tools and Equipment offers a variety of paint booth exhaust fans for general ventilation. Our most popular fan configurations are available online; for additional horsepower, single-phase, or explosion proof requirements, please contact our Customer Service Specialists.

Fans To Push and Pull

The air being pushed in and pulled out are done with two types of fans. The exhaust fan that pulls the air out of the Standard Tools' paint booths is a tubeaxial exhaust fan. It is a propeller blade type fan. Tubeaxial is the best fan to be used on the exhaust of the booth because they are designed to pull the air. Aluminum blades are used because they will not spark, causing a fire, which is important when working with flammable coatings.

The fan that pushes air into the booth through the Sure-Cure AMU is a blower fan, designed to force the air into the booth.