ETL Listed Paint Mixing Booth

Safety comes Standard.

Originally founded by Thomas Edison in 1896, the Edison Testing Labs (ETL) leaves it’s mark on a variety of products. When manufacturers apply Intertek's proprietary ETL-listed mark on a product, the letters carry with them a long history of innovation, influence, and independence. The ETL-Listed Mark is proof of product compliance to internationally accepted safety standards.

Standard Tools and Equipment has had many of their booths tested by Intertek to include the ETL Certification. This consists of the recognized ETL-Listed mark and the hardware that complies with the certification. Intertek is an OSHA recognized  NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory).

This certification is mandatory by many local authorities for safe operation and compliance. Our ETL booths adhere with NFPA-33, the National Fire Prevention Agency's Standard for Spray Application of Flammable or Combustible Materials. It is the internationally recognized safety code that defines the requirements for paint booths and paint mixing rooms.

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What are the benefits of buying an ETL Listed paint booth?

You can show your ETL information to any inspector, fire marshal, or insurance agent to prove that your paint booth or paint mixing room complies with NFPA-33. Buying a paint booth with ETL Certification means that your booth type has been physically inspected and tested by a third-party for safety. An experienced and certified expert has qualified the materials, airflow, electrical components and functionality of the paint booth.

A major part of the kit is the electrical control panel. The control panel allows easy access to control the lights and fan, has built-in timers to purge the paint booth of vapors and has the proper magnetic starter matched to the fan and motor. It is a good investment for safety and longevity of the paint booth.

STSDD-1000-60 Truck Side Downdraft Paint Booth

What is included with your ETL-Listed Paint Booth?

  • An ETL-listed electrical control panel (Controls your lights and fan)
  • An air valve solenoid to interlock the fan motor and spray equipment
  • ETL-Listed mark on the booth with the certification information for your local authorities

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