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Technology has changed how consumers make buying decisions. With social media, Google, and sites like yelp, it is too easy to go online and read what other customers opinions and experiences are. I don’t book a hotel until I check out the customer reviews (and photos) on Trip Advisor or try a new restaurant before seeing what others have to say. It’s extremely helpful to know if a certain restaurant has long wait times or doesn’t accept credit cards. Online reviews can hurt a small business too…. who knows if the two bad customer reviews are the minority and not the case most of the time?

There are people out there that are paid to write glowing reviews for companies or bad customer reviews for competitors. It’s also important to know when to take reviews with a grain of salt. How do you know which to trust? The reality is that people are generally more inclined to write reviews when they are extremely upset. How often have you had a good experience and then took the time to go and write about it for other customers to see? However, when a company does you wrong, or screwed up (like all companies do from time to time), or you just had a bad experience…. the first thing you want to do is let everyone know.

At Standard Tools, we want to deliver excellence everyday. We make decisions every day to do what’s right. If we messed up, we try to make it right. We understand that our customers are counting on our equipment to do their jobs… to make their living. We take that seriously and want to deliver. It’s frustrating to us as well when the freight lines lose an order, or we’re back-ordered on a product. We try our best to not have these situations, but there are times when things beyond our control interfere. (We can’t control that the freight carriers don’t deliver on Christmas Day). We want our customers to give us the opportunity to fix an issue. Believe me, our entire team strives to make our customers happy.

Do you have photos or reviews that you want to share? Email, or let us know on Google or on Facebook.

We love it when we get emails (with photos!!!) from customers like this one at Eagle Equipment:

“I have to tell you that I absolutely love this MTP-9A lift. I was able to do the installation myself, with some help from some friends to lift the posts into position. I bought this lift after doing a lot of research on what is available and at what price. No doubt, Eagle offered the best bang for the buck. I worked in a professional garage for eight years as an auto mechanic; so, I’m familiar with two-post above ground lifts. I can say first hand, this Eagle Lift is Superior in Quality, Safety and Performance to the lifts in the garage where I worked.   Bottom line…thanks to you all at Eagle Equipment for making a Quality, Safe and Affordable lift.”

Eagle customer review photo

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